Oxygen, made easy.

Welcome to the next generation of oxygen storage.
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Oxygen, made easy.

Welcome to the next generation of oxygen storage.
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About Aeronics

We make portable oxygen technologies across a variety of platforms, leveraging advanced materials to store oxygen more efficiently. 

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What We Do

We are innovators driven by the fundamental importance of oxygen in our lives. We have dedicated ourselves to revolutionizing oxygen storage through cutting-edge technology and advanced materials, thereby ushering in a new era of lightweight and secure oxygen systems. Our commitment to addressing the limitations of traditional gas storage methods has led us to create portable oxygen solutions that cater to diverse sectors, including consumer, veterinary, and medical applications.

Advanced Oxygen Storage Technology:

We specialize in developing portable oxygen technologies that utilize advanced materials to store oxygen more efficiently. By harnessing the power of innovation, we have redefined the conventional norms of gas storage, making it more accessible and effective.

Enhanced Mobility and Safety:

Unlike conventional solutions that rely on high-pressure cylinders, our breakthrough technology ensures lightweight oxygen systems. This not only enhances mobility for users but also mitigates safety concerns associated with heavy and cumbersome storage methods.

Versatile Applications:

Our pioneering approach to oxygen storage has opened up possibilities across various domains. From meeting the needs of consumers seeking reliable oxygen sources to addressing veterinary and critical medical applications, we have engineered a versatile solution that ensures oxygen accessibility without compromising safety or convenience.

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Pawprint Oxygen is the leading oxygen therapy for pets, trusted by thousands of veterinary hospitals. 

We help you and your pet breathe easy with Portable Oxygen Kits specifically designed for your pet. Administer safe and portable oxygen at home and on the go (without the heavy tank!)

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Something for Everyone

Whether you’re striving for peak fitness or cherishing precious moments with your grandkids, whether you walk on two legs or four, we’ve got your oxygen needs covered.

Join the ranks of veterinarians who prescribe Pawprint Oxygen to provide the best care for their beloved canine and feline patients. Explore how our innovative solutions are improving the lives of pets everywhere.

Exciting things are on the horizon! Keep pace with us as we prepare to unveil a range of new products in 2024, designed to enhance your oxygen experience. Watch this space for updates and innovations that will redefine how you access oxygen solutions.