Portable Oxygen Therapy for Pets

Prescription Oxygen for Your Pets

Pawprint Oxygen is a convenient, portable, and cost effective system for providing oxygen therapy to animals during transport, in hospital, and in home. No more dangerous, high pressure cylinders that require refills and returns. Our canisters weigh less than ¼ lb and are about the size of a water bottle, making it easy to provide reliable oxygen therapy in any situation. Pawprint Oxygen is available by prescription only through a licensed veterinarian.

Clinic, Transport, and Home

Pawprint Oxygen is designed to make sure that your companion animal gets the oxygen it needs, no matter the situation. Used in clinic, Pawpring Oxygen provides a convenient source of oxygen for routine check-ups, patient transport, and immediate rescue. Our portable system is ideal for transporting oxygen-dependent animals between different clinics and home-settings. Veterinarians also prescribe Pawprint Oxygen for use at home, empowering owners to care for their companion animal and be prepared to meet their oxygen needs.

How it Works

Pawprint Oxygen comes with three items: A canister of oxygen, a reusable regulator, and a pet oxygen mask with tubing. Each canister provides 10 liters of Oxygen USP which will provide 5-20 minutes of oxygen therapy depending on the animal's weight.

For convenience, use the chart on the canister to determine the correct regulator based on the animal's weight. Attach the tubing from the oxygen mask to the regulator. Then, attach the regulator to the canister and twist to begin flow. If additional oxygen therapy is necessary, simply attach the regulator to a new canister.